PlatformIO Open Source May Updates

PlatformIO Core 6.0, New boards & dev-kits, Support for the latest Arduino ESP32 core v2.0.3, Updated Arduino Cores for Microchip MegaAVR and Mbed-enabled devices

Valerii Koval
Valerii Koval
Head of System Integration at PlatformIO Labs

Welcome to the May 2022 updates of PlatformIO Open Source professional collaborative platform for embedded development. This month we received a lot of helpful feedback from our community, which let us identify the most important parts of our OSS ecosystem that required our attention, so there are plenty of updates pushed in this month that we hope you will like.

PlatformIO Open Source May Updates

During May, we have released a new major feature-packed version of PlatformIO Core, rolled out updates for the Espressif32, Microchip MegaAVR and several other development platforms, resolved a lot of issues. Some of the key highlights include:

PlatformIO Core 6.0

PlatformIO Core is the heart of the whole PlatformIO ecosystem and we are excited to announce the next major v6.0 release. This milestone we received helpful feedback from our community, which let us identify and tackle many issues and prepare a lot of great improvements. Major enhancements include the following:

  • Revamped Unit Testing Engine. An absolutely new workflow for test-driven development in the embedded systems industry. A rich list of supported Unit Testing Frameworks and ability to run tests in virtual environments via simulation tools makes PlatformIO a perfect choice for developing complex embedded projects that require sophisticated testing workflows even without real hardware at hand.
  • Renovated Package Management. The new package management solution allows developers to use a modern declarative approach for safety-critical embedded development. Using the Semantic Version Requirements guarantees the full project reproducibility on any supported host machine for decades.
  • Cross-platform Virtual symbolic links. The most requested feature that brings the ability to link existing packages with any project in an easy and unified way without hard copying (duplicating) the files.

See the full Release Notes for more detailed information and use pio upgrade command to update to the latest version.

Espressif32 v4.3

The latest release of the Espressif 32 dev-platform comes with a lot of new boards, the latest stable Arduino core v2.0.3 and a lot of fixes and improvements:

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Microchip megaAVR dev-platform v1.6

The latest release of the megaAVR platform comes with several new boards and generic MCUs, support for the latest Arduino cores and several minor improvements:

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Arduino Core for mbed-enabled devices v3.1

The ST STM32, Nordic nRF52 and Raspberry Pi RP2040 dev-platforms have been updated to support the latest Arduino Core for mbed-enabled devices v3.1 According to the release notes, v3.1 brings a lot of bugfixes and improvements in core and accompanying libraries.

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Valerii Koval
Valerii Koval

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