Flexible, free IDE solution for professionals, academics, students, and makers

Flexible, free IDE solution for

A user-friendly and extensible integrated development environment (IDE) with a set of professional development instruments, providing modern and powerful features to speed up yet simplify the creation and delivery of embedded products. Install and go.

Runs everywhere.


Invest in technology,
not editors.

Explore how our technology can make your business more successful and competitive by solving the challenges and development barriers your customers face.

Speed Time to Market

Launch hardware and software products in weeks rather than months or years. Our on-site R&D and lean supply chain solutions accelerate growth and help you reach goals by giving a significant advantage over your competitors.

Grow and Save

Reduce legacy tools maintenance by not having to re-invent features offered by more advanced IDE solutions. Reduce costs to focus on core business differentiators that boost productivity so your business can grow.

IDE for Decades

Keep up with evolving trends by embracing technology that eliminates the need to support each shiny new editor. Our unique, modular, and flexible technology will keep developers happy for decades.

All in one solution

One stop shop for an IDE.

We are a complete solution for all your IDE needs


Board Support Packages

3rd-party Build Systems

User Federation

For Developers

Dependency Management

Hybrid Project Configuration

Device Monitor

Seamless CI

CLI for Humans



Unit Testing

Static Code Analysis

Remote Development

Firmware Inspection

The most loved IDE solution for Microsoft Visual Studio Code.

Our extension turns the lightweight and extensible VSCode editor into a powerful integrated development environment helping users rapidly build, test, and debug embedded applications.

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Over 4,000,000 unique installations of PlatformIO IDE for VSCode


The most reviewed extension in the whole Microsoft Marketplace


Our average review across all of our company product lines

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