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On the Edge of Technologies

Unleash powerful, modern, and enterprise-grade interactive user interfaces (UIs) with our cross-platform toolkit. Easily integrate with popular editors or deploy as a standalone application.

Beautiful, reusable components

Enable developers with powerful and modern UIs by leveraging our broad set of reusable components optimized for cross-platform, editor-agnostic development.

Write once, run anywhere

Save time and resources while benefitting from a modular UI framework that can tie into multiple platforms and editors without sacrificing performance.

Hardware as Web

Augment web-friendly user interfaces to quickly create customized, flexible, and feature-rich instruments to fix a gap between your software and hardware products.

Usage scenarios

Easily deliver enjoyable user experiences by seamlessly integrating third-party and in-house tools. Optionally create custom instruments for competitive advantage and developer flexibility.

Data Visualization

System Viewer

Diagnostic System

Task Management

Hardware Analysis

RTOS Awareness


Integrated with our next-generation IDE framework.

Our innovative UI toolkit helps businesses easily create cross-platform and flexible applications that highlight their value, image, and design preferences.

Explore Next-Gen IDE Framework

Cross-platform apps built with a modern touch.

Adopt cutting-edge web technologies to deliver better user experience and simplify the development process.

One codebase. Any OS. Any editor.

Move faster and reduce development and maintenance by working with a single codebase, that runs everywhere.

Library of modern UI components

Use a rich set of fully-customizable components to unleash fast and highly interactive UIs to developers.

End-to-end solution

Get up and running as fast as possible with a complete developer ecosystem that minimizes long-term risk and cost, while seeing the quickest possible return and highest developer satisfaction.

Aceinna Navigation Studio | PlatformIO Enterprise
Enterprise ready

Future-proof solution

Speed up your product-critical application development with a robust and secure foundation suitable for companies of any size.

Easy customization

Simple integration and a short learning curve enables you to easily adjust user interfaces and applications to fit your brand and technology needs.

Lower maintenance cost

Stay focused on the big picture while we handle changes to various existing and new editors, fix bugs, maintain security, packaging, and OS upgrades, and bring in new features.

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