Trusted Package Registry
Trusted Package Registry

Designed secure.
Built for anything.

Powerful enterprise-grade storage solution developed for convenient and flexible package management with built-in fine-grained access control.

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Manage everything in one place.

The world's first package and project dependency management solution for embedded development.


Experts write project libraries, package SDKs, and integrate new or update existing build toolchains. Once they declare building, debugging, and programming steps for a target device they can safely publish to the registry.


Developers explore package documentation and examples. The registry enables them to easily manage project dependencies and guarantees full reproducibility on other machines or environments.


Teams can collaborate on the same project using their favorite OS and editor. No more messy windows or complex and confusing configuration steps. No more fighting over which editor is best. Deploy projects in minutes, not hours!

From developers, for developers.

The powerful command-line client and REST API were built by humans for humans. Development teams can easily manage individual access privileges to various resources.

Enterprise ready

The fastest way to manage packages securely at scale.

Accelerate your company's package distribution with a trusted, centralized channel and pipeline.


Enterprise-grade package storage offers high availability through the use of multiple replicas.

Fast Delivery

Packages are quickly sourced as needed from a secure, fast, and reliable global content delivery network (CDN).

Access control

Built-in fine-grained access control enables role-based teams or organizational hierarchies.


Seamlessly supports all necessary embedded packages: libraries, dev-platforms, and toolchains.


Explore and learn how developers use the registry with detailed statistics and audit logs of your published packages.

Cloud or On-Premise

Use our cloud trusted registry (via global CDN) or host packages in your own data-center.

Enterprise ready

Future-proof solution

The world's first package and project dependency management solution for embedded development.

Reduced Time-to-Market

Launch hardware and software products in weeks rather than months or years. Our on-site R&D and lean supply chain solutions accelerate growth and help you reach goals by giving a significant advantage over your competitors.

Evolve, Grow and Save

Eliminate maintenance costs associated with legacy development tools and focus on core business differentiators that boost productivity so your business can grow.

Don’t Get Left Behind

Stay up to date with evolving trends, while avoiding the pitfalls of chasing every shiny new technology. Our unique, modular, and flexible platform ensures that developers always have access to the most current and productive tools.

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