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Make Embedded

A proven technology used by global innovators and by millions of embedded developers around the world.

Next-Gen IDE Framework

A full-featured and cross-platform integrated development environment built to improve productivity and simplify team collaboration.

Modern UI Toolkit

A lightweight and highly customizable UI toolkit for developing complex, data-dense, and platform independent graphical instruments.

Trusted Package Registry

Powerful enterprise-grade storage solution developed for convenient and flexible package management with built-in fine-grained access control.

Technology that empowers and unites.

We use modern technology to re-imagine and re-build core components of embedded infrastructure from the ground up.

Semiconductor Industry

For Semiconductor Industry

Deliver a tailored and flexible development ecosystem that provides a productive and enjoyable experience.

For Hardware Manufacturers

Support partners, customers, and employees with powerful developer-first tooling that brings products to market faster.

Hardware Manufacturers
Cloud Software Providers

For Cloud Software Providers

Significantly lower the entry barrier for IoT solutions by removing the complexities of endpoint device development.

For IDE Providers

Easily expand the range of potential customers by entering into the broad and diverse embedded systems market.

IDE Providers
Invest Once, Save Millions.

Invest Once, Save Millions.

Our solutions are designed for clients who want to save resources and time. We vastly reduce the expenses associated with creating and maintaining a modern developer ecosystem. Unlike traditional environments that grow stagnant over time, our modern IDE framework and modular UI tooling were built from scratch to maximize developer productivity and joy, while eliminating constant porting and tools maintenance. We let clients focus on their core business instead of struggling to deliver security updates and maintain obsolete software.

Trusted by Global Innovators

The most loved IDE solution for Microsoft Visual Studio Code.

Our extension turns the lightweight and extensible VSCode editor into a powerful integrated development environment helping users rapidly build, test, and debug embedded applications.

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Over 4,000,000 unique installations of PlatformIO IDE for VSCode


The most reviewed extension in the whole Microsoft Marketplace


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