PlatformIO Open Source March Updates

PlatformIO Core bugfix release, New boards and dev-kits, Support for the latest ESP-IDF, Updates for Renesas RA and Intel MCS-51 dev-platforms

Valerii Koval
Valerii Koval
Head of System Integration at PlatformIO Labs

Welcome to the March 2024 updates of PlatformIO Open Source professional collaborative platform for embedded development. This month we received a lot of helpful feedback from our community, which let us identify the most important parts of our OSS ecosystem that required our attention, so there are plenty of updates pushed in this month that we hope you will like.

PlatformIO Open Source March Updates

During March, we rolled out a bugfix release for PlatformIO Core, added support for the latest ESP-IDF v5.2.1, published updates for several development platforms, fixed a lot of issues. Some of the key highlights include:

PlatformIO Core v6.1.14

PlatformIO Core is the heart of the whole PlatformIO ecosystem and we are excited to announce the next release with lots of great improvements and bugfixes:

  • Introduced the --json-output option to the pio test command, enabling users to generate test results in the JSON format
  • Upgraded the build engine to the latest version of SCons (4.7.0) to improve build performance, reliability, and compatibility with other tools and systems (release notes)
  • Broadened version support for the pyelftools dependency, enabling compatibility with lower versions and facilitating integration with a wider range of third-party tools (issue #4834)
  • Addressed an issue where passing a relative path (--project-dir) to the pio project init command resulted in an error (issue #4847)
  • Enhanced Static Code Analysis to accommodate scenarios where custom src_dir or include_dir are located outside the project folder (pull #4874)
  • Corrected the validation of symlink:// package specifications , resolving an issue that caused the package manager to repeatedly reinstall dependencies (pull #4870)
  • Resolved an issue related to the relative package path in the pio pkg publish command
  • Resolved an issue where the LDF selected an incorrect library version (issue #4860)
  • Resolved an issue with the hexlify filter in the device monitor command, ensuring proper representation of characters with Unicode code points higher than 127 (issue #4732)

See Release Notes for more detailed information and use pio upgrade command to update to the latest version.

ESP-IDF v5.2

We’re happy to announce updated support for the latest release of ESP-IDF v5.2.1 - the official development framework for the ESP32, ESP32-S and ESP32-C Series SoCs. It provides a self-sufficient SDK for any generic application development on these platforms, using programming languages such as C and C++. ESP-IDF currently powers millions of devices in the field, and enables building a variety of network-connected products, ranging from simple light bulbs and toys to big appliances and industrial devices.

Major enhancements in v5.2:

  • Upgraded IDF FreeRTOS kernel to v10.5.1 LTS
  • Added new I2C Slave/Master driver
  • Addded support for 32MB Octal PSRAM on ESP32S3

More information on project configuration for ESP-IDF can be found here.

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Espressif32 dev-platform v6.5

The new release of the Espressif 32 dev-platform brings support for the latest ESP-IDF, new boards and dev-kits, several fixes and improvements:

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Intel MCS-51 dev-platform v2.2

The new release of the Intel MCS-51 dev-platform v2.2.0 comes with updated toolchain packages and uploader packages:

  • Updated SDCC toolchain to v4.4.0 (#54)
  • Updated STC MCU ISP flash tool to v1.10 (#56)
  • Minor fixes and improvements (#57)

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Renesas RA dev-platform v1.4

The new release of the Renesas RA dev-platform v1.4.0 brings support for the latest Arduino core:

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Valerii Koval
Valerii Koval

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