PlatformIO IDE 2.0 for VSCode 🚀

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Ivan Kravets
Ivan Kravets
Ph.D., Founder & CEO at PlatformIO Labs

We are happy to announce the major release of PlatformIO IDE 2.0 for Microsoft Visual Studio Code (VSCode) that brings “Task Explorer”, “Project Environment Switcher”, and a new installer!

PlatformIO IDE 2.0 for VSCode 🚀

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What is New

In this section, we are going to highlight the most important changes and features introduced in PlatformIO IDE 2.0 for VSCode. Please visit PlatformIO IDE for VSCode Release Notes for more detailed information.

Task Explorer

PlatformIO IDE 2.0 for VSCode finally brings a powerful task explorer with the next features:

  • Instant access to the Project Tasks within the VSCode Explorer
  • Grouped tasks: Generic, Advanced, Remote Development, Platform, Custom, etc.
  • Support for PlatformIO development platform targets (Program FPGA bitstream, Burn bootloader, Upload to FS, OTA Update, etc). The list of tasks depends on a particular dev-platform
  • Access to User Custom Targets.


The latest version of CHIPS Alliance dev-platform provides custom targets such as programming of FPGA board, starting simulator, etc. See a demo of a project from RVfpga: Understanding Computer Architecture course by Imagination Technologies:

Project Environment Switcher

Project Environment Switcher was the most requested feature by our community. It is possible now to switch between project environments without any changes to the platformio.ini configuration file:

  • Switch between project environments declared in platformio.ini project configuration file (issue #544)
  • Activate IntelliSense service based on the current environment
  • Automatically generate a debugging configuration for the active environment


A good example of this feature will be Marlin project, an optimized firmware for RepRap 3D printers. Developers can now easily switch between pre-configured settings:

New Installer

PlatformIO IDE installer was rewritten from the scratch. It now is based on the cross-platform and portable installer script. can also be used for integration with custom applications or plugins. It automatically installs PlatformIO Core into the isolated Python environment with the rest dependencies.

The next major improvement is installation progress. The new installer will show detailed information about each step:


Requires PlatformIO Core 5.0 (or above) and VSCode 1.44 (or above)

Please navigate to “VSCode > View > Extensions” and click “Update”.

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Ivan Kravets
Ivan Kravets

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