PlatformIO Open Source September Updates

PlatformIO Core and PlatformIO IDE for Microsoft VSCode bugfix releases, Support for the latest ESP-IDF 4.4.2, Updated Arduino core for Espressif32

Valerii Koval
Valerii Koval
Head of System Integration at PlatformIO Labs

Welcome to the September 2022 updates of PlatformIO Open Source professional collaborative platform for embedded development. This month we received a lot of helpful feedback from our community, which let us identify the most important parts of our OSS ecosystem that required our attention, so there are plenty of updates pushed in this month that we hope you will like.

PlatformIO Open Source September Updates

During September, we released a new version of PlatformIO IDE for Visual Studio Code and bugfix release for PlatformIO Core, added support for the latest ESP-IDF v4.4.2, Arduino ESP32 core v2.0.5 and fixed a lot of issues. Some of the key highlights include:

PlatformIO Core 6.1.4

PlatformIO Core is the heart of the whole PlatformIO ecosystem and we are excited to announce the next v6.1.4 release with lots of great improvements and bugfixes:

  • Added support for accepting the original FileNode environment in a “callback” function when using Build Middlewares (pull #4380)
  • Improved device port finder when using dual channel UART converter (issue #4367)
  • Improved project dependency resolving when using the pio project init --ide command
  • Upgraded build engine to the SCons 4.4.0 (release notes)
  • Keep custom “unwantedRecommendations” when generating projects for VSCode (issue #4383)
  • Do not resolve project dependencies for the cleanall target (issue #4344)
  • Warn about calling “env.BuildSources” in a POST-type script (issue #4385)
  • Fixed an issue when escaping macros/defines for IDE integration (issue #4360)
  • Fixed an issue when the “cleanall” target removes dependencies from all working environments (issue #4386)
  • Fixed a regression bug when opening device monitor without any filters (issue #4363)
  • Export a PIO_UNIT_TESTING macro to the project source files and dependent libraries in the Unit Testing mode
  • Improved detection of Windows architecture (issue #4353)
  • Warn about unknown device monitor filters (issue #4362)
  • Fixed a regression bug when libArchive option declared in the library.json manifest was ignored (issue #4351)
  • Fixed an issue when the pio pkg publish command didn’t work with Python 3.6 (issue #4352)
  • Added new monitor_encoding project configuration option to configure Device Monitor (issue #4350)
  • Allowed specifying project environments for pio ci command (issue #4347)
  • Show “TimeoutError” only in the verbose mode when can not find a serial port
  • Fixed an issue when a serial port was not automatically detected if the board has predefined HWIDs
  • Fixed an issue with endless scanning of project dependencies (issue #4349)
  • Fixed an issue with LDF when incompatible libraries were used for the working project environment with the missed framework (pull #4346)

See Release Notes for more detailed information and use pio upgrade command to update to the latest version.

PlatformIO IDE for Visual Studio Code v2.5.4

PlatformIO IDE for VSCode

We are pleased to announce a new release v2.5.4 of PlatformIO IDE for Visual Studio Code. Here is a cumulative list of fixes and improvements that have been made available:

  • Keep using legacy API for calling VSCode tasks
  • Fixed an issue when Project Tasks are disabled in the VSCode v1.71 (issue #3299)
  • Fixed an issue when project tasks with a title didn’t work (issue #3274)
  • Prevented users from using wrong Build/Debug buttons (issue #3239)

ESP-IDF v4.4.2

We’re happy to announce updated support for the latest stable ESP-IDF v4.4.2 - the official development framework for the ESP32, ESP32-S and ESP32-C Series SoCs. It provides a self-sufficient SDK for any generic application development on these platforms, using programming languages such as C and C++. ESP-IDF currently powers millions of devices in the field, and enables building a variety of network-connected products, ranging from simple light bulbs and toys to big appliances and industrial devices.

Major enhancements in the latest release:

  • Added support for ESP32-C3 ECO4
  • Freemodbus: Add support of freemodbus component on ESP32-S2, ESP32-S3 and ESP32-C3
  • Added critical protection for the operations on interrupt status of VHCI environment variables to avoid miss interrupt events.
  • Added HT40 support for espnow & 80211_tx

More information on project configuration for ESP-IDF can be found here.

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Espressif32 dev-platform v5.2

The new release of the Espressif 32 dev-platform brings support for the latest Arduino Core and ESP-IDF, new boards, dev-kits and several minor fixes and improvements:

See Release Notes for more detailed information.

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Valerii Koval
Valerii Koval

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