OpenHW TV S2 E04: Software Task Group Project Updates

A brief summary of an event dedicated to the recent progress of the key projects led by the OpenHW Software Task Group

Ivan Kravets
Ivan Kravets
Ph.D., Founder & CEO at PlatformIO Labs

OpenHW TV S2 E04: Software Task Group Project Updates

OpenHW TV S2 E04 was held on 22nd April 2021 in the usual format of a Zoom webinar with a live Q&A session. This event was solely dedicated to the several key projects led by the OpenHW Software Task Group. It’s worth mentioning that the SW TG not only develops the key software elements that are needed, but it also encourages the growth of a thriving commercial community that can develop and maintain this software for the long term.

Meeting Details

Meeting Participants
Agenda and Participants

In this webinar, led by Jeremy Bennett (Embecosm), guests and participants learned about projects run by the Software Task Group including the details on IDE projects from Ivan Kravets (PlatformIO Labs) and Alexander Fedorov (Arsysop/Eclipse), CORE-V FreeRTOS project featuring a demo from Robert Balas (ETH Zürich) and Shteryana Shopova (Embecosm). Updates about the GCC and Clang/LLVM compiler toolchains were presented by Philipp Krones and Jessica Mills (Embecosm).

PlatormIO Labs’ Contribution

One of the main priorities of PlatformIO Labs is to improve the lives of everyday engineers with comprehensive, open-source, and next-generation tools that enhance professional development productivity and provide an enjoyable experience. We believe that researchers, developers and silicon vendors should leverage open-source software and hardware to launch truly groundbreaking projects.

Accelerate adoption of CORE-V IP
PlatformIO Labs TaaS Benefits

PlatformIO Labs contributed and adapted their Technology as a Service (TaaS) platform that greatly reduces the usual complexity of developing ASM/C/C++ code for an embedded target. Developers can avoid the complex steps of setting up a proper development environment and can proceed directly to interacting with their CORE-V processors. The main contributions of our work are the following:

  • Trusted Package Registry. The registry quickly and securely delivers pre-built packages to developers worldwide.
  • In-depth Memory Analysis. A user-friendly UI allows developers to quickly analyze memory footprints and get deeper insight into the internal application structure.
  • PlatformIO Home. Like a welcoming dashboard, the PlatformIO Home page makes it easy for anyone to get started. It provides easy access to a comprehensive set of documentation and examples.

The major part of the functionality includes:

Parties interested in IDE solutions
Demo of PlatformIO IDE for CORE-V IP Cores

A full recording of the event is available to watch below:

OpenHW TV S2 E04: Software Task Group Project Updates

The slides from the webinar are available on SlideShare.


Our team is proud to be an active participant in the OpenHW Group. We are happy to see how our highly customizable and robust instruments further boost the adoption of the CORE-V family open-source RISC-V cores by providing an improved developer experience. We hope that the OpenHW Group community from all around the world appreciates our efforts to support the future growth of the CORE-V ecosystem.

About OpenHW Group

OpenHW Group is a not-for-profit, global organization driven by its members and individual contributors where hardware and software designers collaborate in the development of open-source cores, related IP, tools and software. OpenHW provides an infrastructure for hosting high-quality open-source HW developments in line with industry best practices.

CORE-V is a series of RISC-V based open-source cores with associated processor subsystem IP, tools and software for electronic system designers. The CORE-V family provides quality core IP in line with industry best practices. The IP is available in both silicon and FPGA optimized implementations. These cores can be used to facilitate rapid design innovation and ensure effective manufacturability of high-volume production SoCs.

To learn more, visit

About PlatformIO Labs

PlatformIO Labs is the corporate sponsor behind the PlatformIO open-source project. PlatformIO is a next-generation, professional collaborative platform for embedded development that enables customers to save resources and time by vastly reducing the expenses and labor associated with creating and maintaining product software. Its modern architecture is unmatched in the embedded tools market, and the result benefits developers everywhere by simplifying complexity and increasing productivity. PlatformIO Labs is a privately-held company headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia and with an R&D branch in Ukraine. To learn more, follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter @PlatformIO_Org, or visit

Ivan Kravets
Ivan Kravets

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