PlatformIO Open Source March Updates

Improved PlatformIO IDE for Microsoft VSCode, New boards & dev-kits, Support for Mbed OS v6.9.0, Updated Arduino cores for Espressif32, Microchip AVR and Nordic nRF52

Valerii Koval
Valerii Koval
Head of System Integration at PlatformIO Labs

Welcome to the March 2021 updates of the PlatformIO Open Source professional collaborative platform for embedded development. This month we received a lot of helpful feedback from our community, which let us identify the most important parts of our OSS ecosystem that required our attention, so there are plenty of updates pushed in this month that we hope you will like.

PlatformIO Open Source March Updates

During March, we released a new version of PlatformIO IDE for Visual Studio Code, added support for the latest Mbed OS, rolled out major updates for Espressif32, STMicroelectronics STM32, Nordic nRF52 dev-platforms and fixed a lot of issues. Some of the key highlights include:

PlatformIO IDE for Visual Studio Code v2.3

PlatformIO IDE for VSCode

We are pleased to announce a new release v2.3 of PlatformIO IDE for Visual Studio Code that brings new functionality for project management, new settings and several bugfixes:

  • Project management:
    • Show active project in the status bar (issue #2276)
    • Automatically switch to the latest project on restart (issue #2365)
    • Automatically restore the latest project environment (issue #2344)
  • Allowed passing custom base URL of the Python Package Index using new customPyPiIndexUrl setting
  • Open “platformio.ini” configuration file from newly added project (if there are no other active editors) (issue #2263)
  • Added protection for infinite IntelliSense index rebuilding (issue #2363)
  • Added “OpenAPI (Swagger) Editor” extension to the conflicted list (issue #2324)
  • Added a new setting platformio-ide.autoOpenPlatformIOIniFile to control an automatic opening of the platformio.ini file from a project when no other editors are opened (issue #2419)
  • Added a new setting platformio-ide.activateProjectOnTextEditorChange to enable automatic project activation depending on an active opened text editor (issue #2410)
  • Automatically activate project environment opened via “PIO Home > New Project / Open Project” (issue #2414)
  • Do not show “Default” environment when a project does not have any build environments (issue #2450)
  • Fixed issues when the “Upload and Monitor” command didn’t terminate the running task and didn’t reopen a monitor with delay (issue #2266, issue #2319)
  • Fixed an issue with broken IntelliSense index rebuilding or tasks loading for big projects (issue #2321)
  • Fixed an issue when a debug breakpoint was not allowed for Assembly files
  • Fixed an issue “Failed to load symbols from executable file” when debugging native/desktop application
  • PlatformIO IDE Installer
    • Updated PlatformIO Core installer to v1.0.1
    • Rebuild project index only when the environment changes
    • Fixed an issue “The ‘path’ argument must be of type string. Received undefined”

See Release Notes for more detailed information.

Mbed OS v6.9

We’re happy to announce updated support for the latest Mbed OS 6 - an open source embedded operating system designed specifically for the Internet of Things. It includes all the features you need to develop a connected product based on an Arm Cortex-M microcontroller, including security, connectivity, an RTOS and drivers for sensors and I/O devices.

Major enhancements in the latest releases:

  • Support for the TF-M reference software v1.2 by the Trusted Firmware project
  • Extended BLE functionality

More information on project configuration for Mbed OS can be found here.

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Espressif32 dev-platform v3.2

The latest revision of the Espressif 32 dev-platform brings support for the latest Arduino core v1.0.6 and several minor improvements:

  • Added new board Heltec Wifi Kit 32 V2
  • Updated Arduino framework to 1.0.6 (release notes)
  • Updated default upload speed for m5stack-atom board
  • Preparations for updated debug configuration process in upcoming PlatformIO Core 5.2+
  • Fixed variant name for the ttgo-t-beam board
  • Fixed buildfs target declaration to be used with pre/post actions
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Related resources for the Espressif32 dev-platform:

STMicroelectronics STM32 dev-platform v12.1

The new release of the ST STM32 platform comes with initial support for mbed-based Arduino core, improvements for STM32Cube integration and several minor fixes:

  • Added a new board Arduino Portenta H7
  • Added initial support for Arduino core for mbed enabled boards
  • Updated Mbed OS6 to the latest v6.9.0 (release notes)
  • Better handling of the pregenerated STM32Cube configuration file
  • Fixed dynamic configuration of serverless debug probes
  • Fixed RAM size for STM32F407VG
  • Nucleo-Gxxx boards now support uploading and debugging via on-board STLink probes
  • Minor fixes and improvements

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Nordic nRF52 dev-platform v7.1

The new release of Nordic nRF52 dev-platform brings updated Arduino core v1.3.2 for mbed-enabled devices, several minor bugfixes and improvements:

  • Updated Mbed OS6 to the latest v6.9.0 (release notes)
  • Updated Arduino Core for mbed enabled devices to the latest v1.3.2 (release notes)
  • Fixed dynamic configuration of serverless debug probes
  • Fixed RAM size for BBC Micro:Bit v2
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements

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Atmel AVR dev-platform v3.3

The new release of the Atmel AVR v3.3.0 comes with updated ATTinyCore v1.5.2 and several minor improvements:

  • Updated ATTinyCore to the latest v1.5.2 (release notes)
  • Removed unnecessary wrapping quotes from the avrdude upload command
  • Minor improvements

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Valerii Koval
Valerii Koval

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